Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Venuerific

  • What is Venuerific and how does it work ?

    Venuerific is a platform that allows event owners to easily and quickly book venues for their planned events. We provide the following:

    • For event owners – browse, select and inquire from our list of partner venues
    • For venue owners – list and showcase your venues on our website

    In addition, we provide a concierge service to guide you through the above.

  • How do I create an account and sign up with Venuerific

    Go to our homepage, click on Sign Up and enter your email address and password. You will then receive an activation email from our system. Click the link on the activation email to activate your account.

  • How do I login to Venuerific?

    Enter your email address and password in the Log In page and then click “Sign In”.

  • Can I login using Facebook?

    Yes. You can login using your Facebook account.

  • I created my account but I can’t seem to login?

    Make sure your account has already been activated via email before you log in. Else, please reset your password or contact our team via phone, text or email ( for further assistance.

  • I forgot my password, what should I do?

    Click on reset password and follow further instructions.

  • How much does Venuerific charge and are there any hidden costs?

    Our platform and services are completely and absolutely free. There are no hidden charges. Event owners inquire and negotiate directly with venue owners on terms, availability and event spend.

  • What is Free Quote Request?

    This functionality puts you in touch with venue owners to schedule site visits, inquire event matters and respond to your event proposal. You will be asked to enter pertinent details regarding your event. Once a free quote request has been submitted, our team will follow up to ensure a timely response from the venue owner.

  • How long does it take before I receive a response for event?

    On average, venue owners will respond between 24 and 48 hours as event owners usually would want 3 to 4 proposals from different venues.

  • If I can't find the right venue for my event, can Venuerific help?

    Yes, our venue specialists are there to assist you in finding the perfect venue for your event. All you need to do is contact us via phone, text or email ( and tell us about your event requirements.

  • How do I secure my booking?

    Once an agreement has been reached, you secure your booking by paying the required deposit. All payments are made directly to the venue owner.

  • Is a deposit required to secure a venue? And how much do I need to put in?

    Yes, deposit is usually required by the venue owner. The amount varies by venue and will be communicated to you by the venue owner.

  • Who should I attention the deposit to?

    Deposits should be made directly to the venue owner.

  • Can Venuerific negotiate the rate on our behalf?

    Rate negotiations are conducted directly between event owners and venue owners. However, our venue consultants can also help negotiate on your behalf.

  • Am I getting the best rate through Venuerific?

    Our customers get the preferred rates from the venues listed on our website. Further, we occasionally hold promotions and marketing programs to bring you the best deals in town.

  • Can Venuerific help with event planning?

    Venuerific currently only facilitates venue booking. However, we will work with you and refer you to our preferred partners for your other event needs.

  • Is Venuerific similar to a hotel booking website?

    Venuerific helps people book venues for their events. We are not in the business of facilitating housing/room accommodation for sleep-ins and extended stays.

  • My event requires emcee, DJ, models and others freelancers. Can

    Venuerific supply these services?

    Yes. We have a database of professional freelancers that we work with. Additional charges will apply for these services.

  • What is seating capacity?

    Refers to the maximum number of seated people which can occupy a particular venue.

  • What is standing capacity?

    Refers to maximum number of standing people that can occupy a particular venue.

  • Can I search by location?

    Yes. Enter the general location on our search bar and/or filter by “Area” on the search results page

  • Can I search by price?

    Yes. Simply filter by “Budget” on our search results page

  • Can I search by venue type?

    Yes. Simply filter by “Venue Types” on our search results page

  • What kind of events does Venuerific handle?

    We cater to all types of events (e.g. birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, launch parties, photo shoots and more).

  • How do I list my venue?

    There are two ways to list on Venuerific:

    • Click List your Venue on our homepage and fill out the necessary details.
    • Contact our venue specialist via phone, text or email ( to help you with the listing.
  • Are there any charges for listing my venue?

    Please contact our venue specialist to discuss your listing requirements.

  • What kind of venues can be listed on Venuerific?

    We are always on the lookout for new, interesting and unique venues. Talk to our venue specialist on how to get listed on our website and be exposed to potentially thousands of potential new customers.

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